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2018-2019 Chesapeake College Catalog 
2018-2019 Chesapeake College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Crime Scene Technician Certificate (605)

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Award: Certificate

Program Mission: The Chesapeake College Crime Scene Technician Certificate prepares students for entry-level employment or advancement in the field of crime scene investigation. The program was developed and is maintained in accordance with the Maryland State Police crime scene investigation standards and protocols. The certificate is designed so that students may progress to the Criminal Justice Crime Scene Technician Degree option.

Program Description: The Crime Scene Technician program provides a broad foundation which will help prepare the student for entry-level employment or advancement in the field of crime scene investigation. The curriculum includes discussion of the criminal motives associated with particular crimes, courtroom presentation, and the legal and ethical responsibilities of the crime scene technician. Note: Completion of this program is not a prerequisite for entry into a police academy nor does it provide complete entry-level training for work as a county or state police officer. Students should consult with the College’s Admissions Office or an academic advisor in planning an appropriate program.

Program Goals: The Crime Scene Technician Certificate program will:

  • Prepare students for the detection, collection, preservation and transportation of evidence.
  • Prepare students in areas such as law enforcement and criminal justice, law enforcement administration, police operations, criminology, criminal investigation, criminal evidence and procedures, and criminalistics.
  • Prepare students for employment in crime scene investigation professions or for further study in the field.

Student Learning Outcomes: Upon successful completion of this program, students will be able to:

  • Understand terminology used in the criminal justice system.
  • Use an ethical framework and an understanding of legal constraints to make decisions as a criminal justice professional.
  • Understand the role of a crime scene technician and role of various individuals in the criminal justice system and how an individual moves through the criminal justice system.
  • Apply critical thinking skills and logic to analyze and solve a variety of complex problems in the criminal justice environment.
  • Identify and apply legally accepted scientific and field based techniques for identifying, collecting and processing crime scene data and understand how it is presented in court.

Gainful Employment Information

Contact Person: Ms. Bridget Lowrie

This program has been approved for funding under the Workforce Investment Act. For more information, contact the Upper Shore Workforce Investment Board at: 410-822-1716.

Program Requirements

[Courses Appear in Recommended Sequence.]

Minimum Required Credits: 30

Program Electives

Can be satisfied by any of the following courses (not otherwise included as a program requirement):

  • Any CMJ course


♦ Must be taken within the first 12 hours unless exempted by meeting established standards.


+ See course description for details.

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