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2016-2017 Chesapeake College Catalog 
2016-2017 Chesapeake College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Accounting A.A.S. Degree (410)

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This program of study meets all the General Education Requirements at Chesapeake College.

Award: Associate of Applied Science Degree

Program Mission: The Chesapeake College Accounting Degree provides students with educational opportunities to acquire accounting knowledge, skills and practice to prepare for success in private, public or governmental accounting environments and for continued learning in accounting or related disciplines.

Program Description: The Accounting Degree program was designed for students seeking employment at the entry-level in industry, government, and small public accounting firms. Graduates will be capable of working as junior accountants and assistant auditors. Emphasis is placed on accounting knowledge and skills as well as general knowledge of the workplace. Note: This program is not designed as a transfer program to a senior institution. Students wishing to transfer and major in accounting, should consult with an academic advisor at their earliest convenience. All students should consult with the College’s Admissions Office or an academic advisor in planning an appropriate program.

Program Goals: The Accounting Degree program will:

  • Facilitate proficiency in content knowledge and skills for the College’s general education competencies.
  • Emphasize technical competency, professional knowledge and ethical responsibility.
  • Enable qualified students to meet the educational requirements for professional certification.
  • Prepare students for successful careers in the accounting profession or further study in the field.

Student Learning Outcomes: Upon successful completion of this program, students will be able to:

  • Apply appropriate industry terminology in the financial setting.
  • Analyze and record financial data.
  • Communicate financial information.
  • Produce analyses that will aid in the management decision making process.
  • Evaluate professional responsibilities concerning ethical issues that may be present in an accounting environment.
  • Integrate accounting concepts using accounting software to record financial transactions.

 Contact Person: Mr. Larry Hearn

 For additional educational opportunities related to this field, see the Business Administration Bachelor’s degree program offered through the Eastern Shore Higher Education Center.  For more information, contact the Executive Director for the Eastern Shore Higher Education Center at: 410-827-5761.

Program Requirements

[Courses Appear in Recommended Sequence.]

Spring Semester I

Spring Semester II

Minimum Required Credits: 60

BIO/Natural Sciences (G.Ed.) Electives

Can be satisfied by any of the following courses (not otherwise included as a program requirement):

General Education (G.Ed.) Electives

Can be satisfied by any General Education Program core course, in any category, that is not otherwise included as a program requirement.

Program Electives

Can be satisfied by any course with an ACC prefix or BUS 145 BUS 215+ BUS 241 , BUS 242+ , BUS 245+ .


+ See course description for details.

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