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2016-2017 Chesapeake College Catalog 
2016-2017 Chesapeake College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

UPWARD MOBILITY: LPN to RN Transition Option

Program Description: The LPN to RN transition option provides a unique opportunity for qualified licensed practical nurses to enter the Nursing Program with advanced standing once admission and general education requirements have been met.

A three credit LPN to RN transition course is offered to qualified LPN’s. An LPN who earns a grade of “C” or higher in this course and completes general education prerequisites is able to enter the Chesapeake College Macqueen Gibbs Willis Nursing Program with advanced standing and receive academic credit for the first year of the College’s Nursing Program.

This option is academically very challenging. Students are advised to complete all general education courses prior to beginning this program. LPN to RN transition students follow the same policies and procedures as general nursing students.

Admission Requirements: Prerequisites for application to the LPN to RN Transition Program Option are:

  1. Meet the current admission requirements for the Nursing Program:
    1. Graduation from an accredited high school or GED.
    2. Completion of the College’s Academic Skills Assessment (ASA) administered through the Office of Student Success and Enrollment Services.
      1. Students assessed with college-level academic skills in math and English are able to register directly for nursing program prerequisite requirements if high school biology and chemistry (academic track only will be accepted) have been completed with a “C” or better within 10 years. It is the responsibility of the student to submit transcripts that verify these courses were taken within the 10-year timeframe and to obtain course descriptions of the same.
      2. Students not assessed with college-level academic skills in math and English and/or those that have not completed high school chemistry and biology within 10 years with a “C” or better are required to complete the following courses in addition to the standard prerequisite requirements. Each of these need to be completed prior to the application deadline:
        1. CHM 012+  
        2. BIO 101  (as prerequisite requirement to BIO 211+ ).
        3. Any math or English course(s) prescribed by the placement exam.
    3. Complete prerequisite courses for the Nursing Program:
  BIO 211+   Anatomy and Physiology I 4 credits
  PSC 150   General Psychology 3 credits
  BIO 212+   Anatomy and Physiology II 4 credits
  PSC 250+   Human Growth & Development 3 credits
  BIO 202+   Microbiology 4 credits
  ENG 101+   Composition 3 credits
  MAT Elective (MAT 113+ , MAT 115+ , MAT 140+ ) 3-5 credits
  Prerequisite requirements must be completed with a “C” or better by the application deadline.
  1. Transcript from the LPN Program from which you graduated.
  2. Maryland licensure as an LPN (must be able to verify.)
  3. Graduate from a school approved for articulation and achieve a passing score on a Nursing Program placement test.
  4. CPR certified and maintained throughout the program.

Note: Laboratory science and human growth and development courses taken 10 or more years prior to application for admission to the program will not be considered.

Program Requirements: Once admitted to the Program, students will follow the curriculum for the Associate of Science Degree in Nursing. Students who have met the criteria for the LPN to RN Transition Option are admitted on a space available basis.

1st Year (Summer)    
NUR 140+   LPN to RN Transition Course 3 Credits
    3 Credits
2nd Year (Fall)    
SOC 161   Sociology 3 Credits
COM 101   Fundamentals of Oral and Organizational Communication 3 Credits
NUR 210+   Families Within the Community 9 Credits
    15 Credits
2nd Year (Spring)    
ART/HUM Art/Humanities (G.Ed.) 3 Credits
NUR 220+   Complex Health Care Needs 6 Credits
NUR 230+   Client Care Management 4 Credits
    13 Credits

Arts/Humanities (G.Ed.) Elective:  Can be satisfied by ART 101; FLM 240; HUM 101, 110; LARC 160; MUS 101; THE 172, 250.

+Prerequisite or corequisite.  See course description for details.

For More Information, Contact:
Dr. Judith Stetson, Director of Nursing
Helth Professions and Athletics Center, Room 203M