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2021-2022 Chesapeake College Catalog 
2021-2022 Chesapeake College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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CPL 280+ - Cooperative Work Experience

3 credits

Supervised full- or part-time on-site work experience related to the student’s academic study at the College. The cooperative work experience is designed to mirror the process used to obtain employment. Students are required to secure their worksite placement. Students will apply for and interview with their potential employer in order to secure their cooperative experience worksite. The cooperative work experience gives practical application to the student’s classroom learning. Emphasis will be placed upon strong work ethics, functioning as part of a team, critical thinking, and assimilation of classroom learning into the employment experience. [FALL/SPRING] One hour seminar per week and 150 hours per semester at a supervised worksite.
Prerequisite(s): CPL 105 .

NOTE: It is highly recommended that substantial core coursework be completed prior to registering for the course. The more coursework completed, the more valuable the experience. Students should contact their Faculty Advisor or CPL program director for guidance.



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